Turntablism/Hip Hop/Electronic

Cloud Mix

A live mix made from some Soundcloud tunes I’m listening to these days. Mostly hiphop and electronic tunes. Enjoy.

Heavy Handed


Here’s a mix I made for Monday Jazz a while back. Its all vinyl and quite eclectic!
This is a mixtape for and by hip-hop head with enough experience and width of view to notice how well this culture blends with lots of different sounds and influences. Tracklist consists of various classic and weird stuff, filtered through the fingers of good technician and selecta. Although hip-hop makes the biggest part in percentage, but it is only in sense of one concrete style. And if you talk about stylistic in general it is covered with the layer of funk, rock, electronics, jazz, spoken word, asian sounds and other attractions.”

Read more from Rokas and get download from: Mondayjazz – Jazz For The Working Class http://mondayjazz.com/MJ143#ixzz2J6DJlAu0

Humm Drum Mix