University Projects

I-Skratch Project

The i-Skratch is an effects and looping system for turntablists that I created for my final year university project. It allows the turntablist to control parameters such as panning, reverb depth, delay time etc. while scratching by tracking the records position. The demonstration is made up of two parts, the first part consists of extended turntable and looping techniques. The second part is more rhythm and melody based again showcasing the effects, panning and looping control of this augmented turntablist system. The system is made up of software and hardware parts utilizing the Arduino Uno and Max MSP programming environment.

Fire Hose Reel

Mikey Fingers performing Fire Hose Reel, a trad tune on turntables as part of his BSc Music, Media and Performance Technology Final Year Project investigating cultural hybridity. Accompanied here by Danny and Deviant & Naive Ted. T’was great craic altogether


Animation made using just 2 still photo images as the source material for the visual. The audio soundscape was created using 2 audio samples. The samples were manipulated and reconstituted using the following applications Max 5, C sound, Abelton live, After Effects and Gimp.

Validictate Soundscape

Sound put to video. Soundtrack made using record sampling and manipulation. Recorded and processed using Abelton live.


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