Music Videos and Animation

Check out some music video’s and animation that I have made while at University

Pervish – Tha Biodag


Animation made using just 2 still photo images as the source material for the visual. The audio soundscape was created using 2 audio samples. The samples were manipulated and reconstituted using the following applications Max 5, C sound, Abelton live, After Effects and Gimp.

Tweek – So Happy

VinceMackMongrul – Skit Track

This short video is that of a skit track taken from the Vince Mack Mongrel concept album ‘Obsolete from Inception’. Made by Danny Deepo using youtube as my visual sample medium.

Pervish – Ta na Baid

Pervish performing Ta na Baid Live in Aras na Gael Galway.

Here are a few animations that I have made mostly as part of my collage project work


The sounds in this piece are all related to the movements in the video. All samples were made from old records and turntable manipulation techniques.

The narrative is sampled extracts from the John Dunne poem ‘Validictation of forbitten morning’. (Metaphysically I’m nice like that!)

All samples recorded and processed using Abelton live.


A meaningless little thing.


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  1. Nice work Dan, I am now So Happy after seeing Cab Calloway and friends being about as happy as is humanly possible. Love it.

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