Danny Deepo is a Limerick based electronic music producer, turntablist, dj and recording engineer. He crafts tracks using record manipulation, sampling, modular synths and drum machines, drawing inspiration from traditional, ambient, electronica & hip hop music genres. A Community Skratch Games originator, Deepo’s recent solo output has been most vividly realised on his head twisting 2016 album “Sounds From A Living Planet” as well as his forthcoming album “A Force of
Nurture”. He is one of the founders of the
Community Skratch Games in Galway alongside Mikey, Andy and Jimmy. Danny has been a part of Irish turntablist groups Vince Mack Mahon, Tuphat Paddys and Vince Mack Mongrul and the Irish fusion groups Pervish and rrRadio Gee. He is a Graduate in Music Media and Performance Technology from The University of Limerick Currently he works as a recording engineer, media technician and tutor at the Irish World Academy at The University of Limerick.

Music Production:

A Force of Nurture (2017)

The Space Cadet Mixtape (2017)

Field Notes (2017)

Sounds from a Living Planet (2016)

The Gentle Art of Sampling (2015)

Tempest (2015)

Obsolete from Inception (2014)

Tuphat Paddys (2010)

Vince Mack Mahon (2009)

Other Media Works:

Dj Mixes

A link to Danny Deepo on Mixcloud housing an eclectic collection of mixes such as Chill out mixes (Chill da Beans Collection),  Traditional music mixes (Teach Ceoil, Craic Head), Turntablism mixes (Heavy Handed) and EDM/IDM mixes (Cloud Mix, HummDrum Mix)

Live Performances

Video clips of live showcases, cutting and also some MPD drumming

Graphic Design & Album Cover Art

Some random pieces of Dannys digital graphic design as well as his mix and album cover art.

University Projects

Some random media project outputs including Max MSP/Arduino programmed I-Skratch augmented turntablist  system for enhanced live performance.